The TU/e Hands-on PlasmaLab is a facility that allows students to gain experience in working with plasma physics experiments. The PlasmaLab currently consists of 11 setups that students can interactively work with, and in addition features a number of demonstration experiments.

The PlasmaLab is a common facility, realized by:

  • The Group Elementary Processes in Gas Discharges (EPG)
  • Plasma & Materials Processing Group (PMP)
  • Coherence and Quantum Technology Group (CQT)
  • Fusion Group (Fusion)

The Plasmalab’s leading technician and laboratory chef is Hans Oosterbeek. You may contact him for any questions or suggestions related to the PlasmaLab.

We will soon add an overview of the technicians that are currently active in the PlasmaLab.

The PlasmaLab Website administrator is Mark Scheffer. Feel free to contact him in case of problems using this website. Please also report any questions about or suggestions for this website.

Click here to use a contact form in case you have any other questions or ideas for PlasmaLab@TU/e.


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